Letter Campaign Press Release 4/12/17


UofC Divest

April 12, 2016

Contact: uofcdivest@gmail.com

UofC Divest Launches Letter Campaign

Tell The Trustees

One year ago today, UofC Divest celebrated the successful passage of our divestment resolution which called upon the University of Chicago to financially divest from 10 companies presently complicit in, or profiting off of, the State of Israel’s ongoing system of military occupation, apartheid, and other human rights violations in Palestine/Israel.

UofC Divest is launching our letter campaign to #TellTheTrustees to end our complicity in apartheid and honor student wishes by implementing the demands laid out in the Resolution to Divest University Funds from Apartheid. We demand first a withdrawal of all university investments from companies actively complicit in human rights violations against Palestinians, including Boeing, Caterpillar Corporation, Elbit Systems, General Electric, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Lockheed Martin, Motorola Systems, Northrop Grumman, and Raytheon. We shall remain divested from these companies until they cease their involvement in those activities which violate international human rights law. Lastly, we call upon the Board of Trustees to create a Socially Responsible Investment Committee with student representation that oversees ethical investment policy and transparency in investments.

Our solidarity and fight for justice for Palestinians is far from over. We urge the university community to join us in telling the Board of Trustees Investment Committee to divest by signing our letter! You can learn more about UofC Divest here.